About LDG

We’re not only building homes; we’re supporting careers, encouraging education, and fulfilling dreams. We give hard-working families and seniors in communities across the country a place they can hang their hat.

What We Do

We started LDG because we believe, quite simply, that everyone deserves a quality place to live.

With over 25 years of experience building affordable housing developments, we’ve seen that the benefits go so much further and deeper than any one resident.

  • We nurture economic growth by providing quality homes for the families, students and workers that help a community thrive.
  • Children do better in school. Mental health issues go down. People can focus on what really matters instead of just trying to survive.
  • Many of the factors that create future crime, drug problems and violence are eliminated.

How We've Helped

Your child’s math teacher, the rookie firefighters that keep you safe, your neighbor’s grandmother—these are the people for whom we are creating homes.

As a result, we find tremendous growth within the communities after we touch them. Local businesses prosper, kids do better at school and hard-working parents worry less about keeping their children safe. These are the metrics of our success.

What Our Residents Are Saying

"I really like that...

...the apartments are so spacious.

And no carpets! Complete area is quiet and people in the office have been friendly." — Roxxanna V.

"My favorite thing about living at Three Springs is...

...the environment!

The property very much feels like home. I also love being and feeling secure." — Laura E.

"I love...

...the staff!

Super nice and friendly. I appreciate how clean the area is and the community. I absolutely love how the place looks! Super pleased." — Monique T.

"They always have...

...something going on for the residents!

Marivela took the time and communicated with me during the leasing process. Any issues I had were resolved within 12 hours." — Monica A.

"The units are...


As is the location and the whole property!" — Jesse M.

"I love...

...almost everything here!

The office staff is super sweet and personable. The apartments are very spacious. Love the events that are hosted and cater to the tenants." — Quinteria B.

"My favorite thing about living in this community is...

...the staff!

I love the way they keep the property neat and clean. Also, any issues that arise, they correct immediately. Thank you!" — Yakenna T.

"My first impression...


Friendly management and very nice apartments" — Ivette H.

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